Vision and Mission Statement

The Carpenter’s Church Vision is about Building Christ-like Character, Building Relationships & Building Communities. 

Building Christ-like Character:

  • By accepting Jesus Christ as Lord, and devoting your life to a personal relationship with Him.
  • By joining The Carpenter’s Church being committed weekly to our church services every Sunday & Tuesday.
  • By studying the word of God, praying and fasting on a consistent basis.
  • By being filled with the Holy Spirit, living a holy lifestyle and generating the fruits of the Spirit
  • By receiving healing and deliverance 

Building Relationships:

  • By connecting to a small group
  • By learning to love our families and surrounding neighbors better
  • By providing ministry opportunities for relational growth

Building Communities:

  • By serving at The Carpenter’s Church using your time, gifts and resources
  • By serving the local communities doing excessive outreach to impact lives