Pastor Johnathan Brown

Johnathan Brown
Pastor Johnathan Brown is the founder and Pastor of The Carpenter’s Church located in Boyle, MS.  Pastor Johnathan Brown truly has a heart for ministry and people.  God truly has used him to preach the Gospel with power throughout the Mississippi Delta to restore the lost, heal the broken-hearted and deliver the captives.  He truly is a young leader with a non-traditional approach to ministry and community involvement.  He is a spirit filled leader with a prophetic edge. With a unique, revolutionary ability to teach the Word, God has truly gifted Pastor Johnathan to break cultural and denominational barriers.  In college at Delta State God called Pastor Johnathan to the ministry in the year of 2011.  He begins to study and prepare himself through the word. Pastor Johnathan begins to preach the Gospel in 2012 and having God with him to save many souls.  On the 7thof July he married his best friend Ashely Brown and they have one daughter Layla-Grace Brown.   In May 2013 he graduated from Delta State University with a B.S. in HPER.  Pastor Johnathan is known as a man that believes in family values and community.   He has dedicated his life to serving the community by providing several outreach projects and services.  Through Pastor Johnathan’s leadership The Carpenter’s Church has experience dynamic growth and expansion.